The cutest boy ever?

My Dad’s Strange Sense of Humor

A daughter reminisces about her dad. My dad was not your typical dad; he had a strange sense of humor that sometimes bordered on terrifying. I do not think he truly meant to traumatize us as kids but sometimes I am not sure. One of his favorite things to do was to take us in a dark room and tell us about the Boogie Man. You would think after one time we would not go back for more but somehow he always managed to get us to come back again and again. Mom would of course try and reassure us that Read more [...]

Things We Took For Granted as Children that Are Appalling Today

It's amazing just how different life can be from one generation to the next. There are things I did as a child that I would have a mild stroke over if I saw my children doing them. Then again, there are things we did that are now illegal as humanity tries it's hardest to make sure everyone is safe and secure. It's an evolving world we live in, but what is it evolving into? Riding in the Back - Remember when it was OK to sit in the bed of the truck when driving across town? I remember leaning Read more [...]

My 2 year old has discovered his penis

Daddy Dazed loves this post from  dad street I can remember the first thing I said outloud as the Dr. pulled Jake from my wife the day he was born. BALLS! I was so excited to have a son! I would have bet anything we were going to have a second girl. From that moment on it’s been such an amazing experience watching him throughout the last two and a half years of his precious life. Watching him grow and seeing the differences between his personality and his big sister (who’s only 16 months Read more [...]

Soldier dad

Daddy Dazed loves this amazing soldier dad. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Post by Weird world. Read more [...]

A Father’s Baby Blues

It's not just women who get the baby blues, men can get them too. A canadian study found that 10% of expectant fathers or men that have recently become fathers, experience post-natal depression and that as many as 40% of  new fathers feel depressed during the three to six months phase after the birth of their child. Nick Duerden author of The Reluctant Fathers' Club gives us his own experience. It was a little before eight o'clock on Christmas Eve night, 2005, when my daughter finally saw Read more [...]

Dad invents watermelon pants

Daddy Dazed celebrates this inventive Chinese dad who, when caught in the midst of a heatwave, decided to cool down his son with a homemade frozen watermelon suit. Apparently the father's cool eco-friendly invention became a sensation in China with lots of fathers copying the idea and crafting their own watermelon outfits for their children.   Read more [...]

Louis CK on Parenting

Louis CK is one of America's most controversial and succesful comedians. Much of his comedy is about being a father. Here are some of his best lines on the struggles of parenting. On Just Getting F**cking Through It Some Days It’s like Platoon. You’ve got all this f**king stuff; you have an impossible amount of sh*t to carry, and usually, a kid sometimes too. And I see parents all over the place with skinny little ankles and, you know, with no particular features and they just — ??life’s Read more [...]

Funny Post-it Dad

Daddy Dazed love stay-at-home dad Chris Illuminati. The 36 year old New Jersey father has found a funny way to cope with the life chaining experience of having and looking after a child - he writes amusing post-it notes about the trials and tribulations of parenting - photographs them and post them on his Tumblr - Message With A Bottle.   He says that despite his boy now being 4 he still doesn't find being a stay at home dad easy. 'I'm not sure I'm prepared even after a few years Read more [...]

Two men freak out watching childbirth

Enjoy the hilarious reaction as two men watch a video of a child birth. Their conclusion at the end is that they could never attend child birth! "I'd freak out...I'd shout out "Oh my God babe!", says one of the men who is believed to be a American.   Read more [...]