Dads need to Keep Fit for the sake of their kids

Becoming a parent has really made me start thinking about my health. I don’t want to keel over with a heart attack and leave my daughter without a father and I want to be fit enough to win the sack race on parent’s day when M is big enough to go to school.

Also, what I weigh and how I exercise will have a huge effect on the health of my kids. According to an Australian study published in the International Journal of Obesity this month, ‘having an overweight or obese father, but a healthy weight mother, significantly increased the odds of child obesity’. Extraordinarily, when it was reversed and mothers were obese, child obesity wasn’t increased. Although the researchers were unsure why, their findings go against popularly held beliefs that mothers, who traditionally control food shopping and meals – have more influence over children’s weight.


Bupa have got a great range of free online apps to check your health and fitness. By filling in short questionnaires you can calculate your BMIand health age, count how many calories you burn and assess the health of your heart, your prostate cancer risk and risk of diabetes.


They also give advice on reducing stress, improving your sleep, giving up smoking and getting fit. They even tell you how to improve your running technique.

Despite my penchant for bacon sandwiches my BMI is healthy and I have a health age 6 years younger than my actual age. So I might be able to win that sack race after all.

If you want to know how healthy you are visit

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