Daddy DIY projects for when you’re expecting a baby

Gaining a ‘little you’ is a wonderful feeling and can often inspire a bit of creativity and urge in us men to do some DIY work in order to benefit the baby. DIY work is not as daunting as some may think and regardless of your skill level, chances are there is a DIY project out there that is suitable for your creative talents as well as one which will benefit your new born bundle of joy. Plus if you’re busy doing some DIY work for the baby then you can’t be changing the nappies so it’s a win win in my book!


daddy diy

It’s no secret: everyone knows that babies are not cheap so you’re going to want to be cutting back wherever possible to cover for the additional expenses that will soon be coming your way when the baby arrives. A baby cradle can cost in excess of one hundred pounds so why not consider making your own. Besides, what could be better than seeing your little baby warm and protected by the cradle you built by your own bare hands.

Regardless of the type of cradle you’re looking for, the procedure to build it will be more or less the same. Measure and then draw out the dimensions you intend to make your cot using a roll of paper. This will make sure that all the pieces fit into place and all the edges are flush. You don’t want rugged edges on your cradle. Creating a comfortable cot is key since your baby will be spending a lot of their earlier years in the cot. Opt for a strong but non-toxic wood glue for the joints or maybe consider tacking the joints with a nail gun. Sand  the surface of the cot, paying special attention to the edges, paint the cot in a colour of your choosing and finally varnish to give it that shiny, new cot look.

Stair Gate

baby gate

An important safety piece, the stair gate is essential to ensure your baby’s safety since babies often tend to be adventurous and as soon as you turn your back to them, the explorer in those little buggers will have them shoot off into every corner of your house. While it is good for your baby to explore and get some exercise around your house, climbing the stairs can be dangerous for a baby. There really is no excuse either since a stair guard can be created fairly easily – it’s probably something that a student would make for their school Design and Technology assignment. To get yourself started, take careful measurements and build yourself a frame from either wood or metal. A sturdy frame is important here as you wouldn’t want the gate to give way and fall on your baby when they push on it repeatedly. If you’re working with wood, you can help make the joins as secure as possible by using a mitre saw set to 90 degrees.


If you’re lucky enough to have a decent garden space which is not being used then why not consider creating your own mini garden playhouse?  As far as daddy DIY projects go, this may not be the simplest option and it may be one to consider when your child gets a little older but picture seeing the smile on your child’s face as he runs, jumps and skips around in the playhouse that you built for him/her. Before starting on the playhouse, sand the ground underneath to make it flat and smooth – now you’re ready to start constructing your playhouse. Maybe start with a timber floor frame with cross-beams and then build upwards, putting vertical posts in place first and then connecting the supporting cross beams for the walls afterwards. Constructed the slanted roof may be tricky with just two pair of hands so this may be the right time to get the wife involved or to invite the ‘lads’ around for a manly DIY session followed by some drinks – once they’ve helped you build your playhouse of course. A flat roof would definitely be easier to build but will not be as sturdy nor as visually appealing as a slanted roof.

For some additional, optional finishing touches, lay a sheet of felt between the floor boards and the frame as this will give it extra protection from rain as well as minimising any annoying squeaking noises. Also, you may want to secure all joints with both nails and wood glue for extra strength.

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