Babies Are Useless

I don’t want to knock my gorgeous baby daughter but it has to be said she is pretty useless. She is uncoordinated, sleepy, inattentive, forgetful and has no idea how to get her own food and no idea how to protect herself. Leave her on her own for a day and she would starve. And… Continue reading Babies Are Useless

The Longest Day

For years I’ve wanted a child. It took over 5 years and a lot of struggles and heartache to make our daughter.  But on Saturday when wifey announced that she was going to a day spa  and  “don’t you remember you agreed to look after baby for the day”, my first reaction was fear, closely… Continue reading The Longest Day

My Daughter’s First Snow

Somebody is up before dawn yelling “Snow, snow, snow. Let’s play.” That somebody is me. Wifey pulls the duvet over her head. “Let’s sleep.” A layer of whiteness covers the streets. A sprinkling of magic that hides the dog sh*t and the McDonalds wrappers. I pace the house looking longingly at the whiteness outside waiting… Continue reading My Daughter’s First Snow

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Being an IVF Dad

Father’s Day 2007 was not a good day. I took my dad for a beer to celebrate his special day. “Son, not everyone can have kids, you know.” It was said with tenderness and I realised he was preparing me for disappointment. My wife and I had been trying for a child for two years,… Continue reading Being an IVF Dad

Parenting Star Wars Style

Ever watched Star Wars and wondered what the Stormtroopers family life might be like? Nope? Me neither but one Swedish woman has. Photographer Kristina Alexanderson has taken a series of Flickr photos depicting Star Wars Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers as parents.  Kristina’s Flickr set shows the Storm Troopers doing normal day-to-day activities with their kids.… Continue reading Parenting Star Wars Style

Role of Fathers has a large influence on a daughter’s sexual behaviour.

I have just discovered that a father’s parenting skills can have a huge influence on a daughter’s sexual behaviour. A new study by researchers in America has found that daughters of fathers with good parenting skills are less likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour. “When it comes to girls and their decisions about sex, it… Continue reading Role of Fathers has a large influence on a daughter’s sexual behaviour.

Baby Injections Fiasco

It was my turn to take Baby M to the doctors for her immunisations. I was worried Baby M may have inherited my needle phobia. But she was brilliant. So was the nurse. She had a great bedside manner, and really looked after me when I feinted. Baby M found it very funny especially when… Continue reading Baby Injections Fiasco

Dad Caught Using Breast Pump

Daddy Dazed spent the evening assembling a breast pump. What an amazing piece of apparatus. Mum-in-law walks in as I am trying out the pump on my own nipple. “Its got amazing sucking power” I say. She looks at me and walks out again without saying a word.