Babies Are Useless

I don’t want to knock my gorgeous baby daughter but it has to be said she is pretty useless. She is uncoordinated, sleepy, inattentive, forgetful and has no idea how to get her own food and no idea how to protect herself. Leave her on her own for a day and she would starve. And… Continue reading Babies Are Useless

The Longest Day

For years I’ve wanted a child. It took over 5 years and a lot of struggles and heartache to make our daughter.  But on Saturday when wifey announced that she was going to a day spa  and  “don’t you remember you agreed to look after baby for the day”, my first reaction was fear, closely… Continue reading The Longest Day

My Daughter’s First Snow

Somebody is up before dawn yelling “Snow, snow, snow. Let’s play.” That somebody is me. Wifey pulls the duvet over her head. “Let’s sleep.” A layer of whiteness covers the streets. A sprinkling of magic that hides the dog sh*t and the McDonalds wrappers. I pace the house looking longingly at the whiteness outside waiting… Continue reading My Daughter’s First Snow

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