Eating (from Baby’s POV)

‘I am hungry I want some food. I AM HUNGRY I WANT SOME FOOD. Are you not listening to me? I WANT SOME FOOD. Oh nice. Food. Porridge. Yumm. Yummy. Oh that toy on my mat looks fun. I like its yellow colour. I AM HUNGRY. Food. FOOD. Good. I have to open my mouth? Of course. MMMM yumm. Oh what’s that shiny thing on my play mat? Oh,wait a minute, that plastic phone looks fun. What’s daddy trying to do? Why’s he waving that spoon in my face? Oh yes. Food. Mmm I like food. Open my mouth. Yes. Have some more. Lovely. My legs are interesting aren’t they? I like my PJs. What’s daddy saying? Oh yes. Must open mouth. Swallow. I wonder what’s outside? Why is daddy raising his voice? Woops. Meant to be eating. Silly me. I like food. Let me touch it. Why can’t I put my hand in the porridge? Why not? I like it. LET ME. LET ME. pause. ITS NOT FAIR !!! Oh what’s that outside? Mmm, my pJs are nice to stroke. What’s that spoon? Oh right, Yes open mouth. Ok. Eat. Suck. Blowing porridge bubbles now that\’s fun. Oh look it’s on my hands. Go away daddy. I don’t want to open my mouth. I AM HUNGRY. Oh right yes, got to open mouth. Woops. Forgot, silly me. Yummy. I like food. Oh that toy on my mat looks nice.

And repeat for ten minutes.