My Daughter’s First Snow

Somebody is up before dawn yelling “Snow, snow, snow. Let’s play.” That somebody is me. Wifey pulls the duvet over her head. “Let’s sleep.”

A layer of whiteness covers the streets. A sprinkling of magic that hides the dog sh*t and the McDonalds wrappers. I pace the house looking longingly at the whiteness outside waiting for baby to wake up. This is the first snow my daughter will have ever seen. It will be one of those memorable moments like her first walk or when she first saw Iggle Piggle in In the Night Garden.

As soon as she is awake I point out the snow to Baby M. She looks at it like a weary teenager. And walks over to the table picks up the remote control and tries to switch on the TV.

Despite this lack of enthusiasm I persevere. I spend twenty minutes dressing in suitable warm clothes and take her outside into the snow covered garden. Our winter wonderland.

I want to capture her reaction. I want to see the look of amazement as she crunches the snow under foot. And looks at a world transformed. Her reaction is – screams. Screams, tears and more tears.We go back inside.

That’s kids for you. They never fail to surprise you. She is now playing with her doll. I am off again outside to throw snowballs and make a snowman.’

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