Parenting Star Wars Style

stormtrooper parenting

Ever watched Star Wars and wondered what the Stormtroopers family life might be like? Nope? Me neither but one Swedish woman has. Photographer Kristina Alexanderson has taken a series of Flickr photos depicting Star Wars Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers as parents. 

Kristina’s Flickr set shows the Storm Troopers doing normal day-to-day activities with their kids.

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The first Storm Trooper toy Alexanderson used was her son’s action figure. After that, she bought others, as well as LEGO minifigures to use as children.

Darth Vader showing his tender side.

“I’m interested in relations,” says Kristina “The troopers have many attribute that make me want to work with them. They are male, and I like the thought of trying to give them feelings, relation, they are human, not machines”

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